$1 Million + Year Telesales Producer & Trainer

Telesales Expert

I’m a seasoned telesales professional with extensive expertise in the insurance telesales realm and all its intricacies. Over the years, I’ve built a strong reputation within the industry by consistently achieving over $1 million in Annual Premium sales through telesales annually. My track record has solidified me as one of the most reliable authorities in the field of insurance telesales.

My journey in insurance telesales began with a series of mistakes that left me in financial turmoil. However, my unwavering determination compelled me to learn from each misstep, and I toiled tirelessly to establish my success. I have demonstrated my ability by consistently generating $1 million of annual premium sales with four different companies: AIG Direct, Levinson & Associates, Ethos, and Encore Producers Group. This accomplishment underscores the pivotal importance of mastering the art of selling over the phone in this industry.


“Alex consistently generates over $1 million in annual premium sales for four different companies!”


My reputation in the industry has been forged through consistent achievement, with a track record of annually surpassing $1 million in Annual Premium sales through telesales for multiple years. As a result, I’ve earned the trust of many as a prominent figure in the insurance telesales sector, excelling not only in production but also in training.

My success at such a high level underscores the fundamental key to triumph in this business – mastering the art of effective telephone sales. I emphasize the importance of “properly selling over the phone.” In my training sessions, I maintain a candid approach, providing agents with unfiltered truths. As a world-class telesales trainer, I offer clarity to my students, focusing on imparting the refined sales skills I’ve honed over time.

Whether you’re participating in one of my Zoom training sessions, engaging in a one-on-one coaching session with me, or listening to recordings of my successful sales calls, my primary objective is to elevate your skills to the highest level. I offer a guarantee that, by attending my training and dedicating yourself to improvement, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of telesales. As you apply the knowledge and techniques acquired from my training, you can expect your confidence, sales figures, and income to experience nothing but upward growth.


I founded Encore Producers Group with the vision of creating a platform where any aspiring agent could find the means to excel in the field of insurance telesales. Within my agency, we provide top-tier training, the highest quality leads, and access to the most cutting-edge technology available in the industry.

To be eligible for a place in my agency, one must exhibit a willingness to not only learn but also to put in the effort, be open to coaching, and be dedicated to evolving into a master of insurance telesales.


I believe in what I offer because of my experiences – because I was the “what if”.

When I nearly died, I was in my prime.

I was 25 years old. I worked out regularly and I ate a healthy diet, but one day, my lungs were filling up with fluid. My kidneys were failing and my heart couldn’t push the blood to where it needed to go.

The situation was grave and the doctors were afraid that I wouldn’t even last the night. Immediately, I had emergency surgery, but even then, I went into a coma. It was a nightmare.